What is TMH® – testMYhormones® is a great new way to check our hormones and it couldn’t be easier to use.


  • Can I send my sample back to the laboratory? Yes, you can. From ANYWHERE in Australia.
  • Do test kits have an expiration date? Yes, and it depends on the test kit type. The minimum allowed usage period is 12 months.
  • How do I know TestMyHormones is a real company? By searching ASIC records anyone can verify a business and its registration.
  • How long does testing take? If the test results are considered “normal” the wait time is 5-10 days. If the results are irregular, they will be retested as per laboratory protocols, for confirmation of result. This can add 3/4 days to Saliva Hormone Testing time.
  • How many saliva samples do I need to provide? The number of saliva samples required for each hormone test varies. Progesterone, testosterone and the estrogen’s require a single saliva sample only. Cortisol and melatonin testing typically include multiple saliva sample collections typically.

Are TMH® and TestoChecker® the same? 

No, whilst TestoChecker® is a sister trading co, and provides hormone testing kits, there are basic differences which set them apart. Using different testing laboratory’s was initially one of those differences, however this is no longer the case. testMYhormones® enlisted multiple labs specialising in various niche test types which can be performed at-home and contact-free. The ability to utilize the postage service to return samples can be of great advantage to Australian’s, now more than ever.

Hormone Test kit ARTG 198157


Test My Hormones