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Cortisol 4 x 5ml Saliva  (6-8am, noon, 4pm, 8pm)


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Cortisol Profile Extensive Test Information:

Included here: 

  • Short description
  • Sample report 
  • Collection Instructions
  • Process

Short description: The 24/7 nature of modern life has many of us on alert long into the night, and if you sensed this wasn’t healthy, you were right.

If we stay alert, our body isn’t reverting cortisol back to its inactive form Cortisone when it should be. The result is a build-up of Cortisol eventually impacting thyroid function which reduces the production of hormones estrogen and testosterone.

Long term cortisol irregularity can lead to reduced metabolism, high blood pressure and weakened immunity. Cortisol should be operating in sync with the day-night cycle. Checking your Cortisol levels is easy with TMH®

Sample report:

Cortisol Test Results
Hormone test results

Collection Instructions:

Collection Instructions
Saliva Collection Instructions

Easy As:

  1. Purchase test, have it delivered to your door.
  2. Perform saliva collection following the instructions provided.
  3. Post samples to the lab using the Express Return parcel provided.

TMH® hormone test kit results include brief assessments.

Certified Australian based laboratory used.

Test Kit [ARTG] Identification: 322569

Please note that TMH® services extend to the provision of testing apparatus and qualified laboratory results only. Providing medical advice is strictly prohibited.

Hormone imbalance – Rule it in or out !!

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