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If I change My Mind Can I Have A Refund? 

See Shipping & Returns.

What does TestMyHormones Guarantee?

We guarantee the delivery of the Hormonal Balance Test to your designated address. We guarantee the testing process will be completed as implied in our marketing material. Occasionally laboratory machines break down or are paused for maintenance. In the event that an unexpected delay occurred, our role is to keep you informed at all times, making representations/inquiries on your behalf, and not stopping until the order is fully filled.

What TestMyHormones do not Guarantee

When returning your sample to the lab using the express envelope you are required to keep possession of the tracking number. Failure to retain the tracking number could result in the loss of your item and no recourse for compensation.

What If My Kit Gets Delayed Or Lost During Delivery?

If a Kit is lost by Australia Post, or a delay resulting in deterioration of the sample occurs, a replacement Kit will be supplied to you at no extra cost. Australia post are not perfect and delays occasionally occur. Just know that we won’t leave you stranded. 

Why TestMyHormones Cannot Guarantee Samples Sent By Private Courier?

If you select not to use our dedicated pre paid envelopes, which are fully authorised by Australia Post to carry biological samples like urine, saliva and blood, we won’t have the ability to track your sample. In effect, it is out of our hands. The remainder of the process remains Guaranteed if you do chose to use a private courier.

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