TestMyHormones [TMH®] is an innovative eCommerce platform focused on functional hormone saliva testing to suit various needs. The behaviour of hormones is can be charted, and TMH firmly belives many adult Australian’s will at some point in their lives, wish to view “Thier Chart”.

What you get with TMH®

TMH® test kits arrive fully complete with the required Referral Form, detailed instructions, express post return satchel making life a lot easier than it once was.

All postage provided by TMH® is traced. This means we hardly ever loose an item when we do, we replace it of course.

Buyers remorse is a real thing, and we have had tests returned for some strange reasons, but that’s fine too. As long as the conditions made clear in our Return Policy are observed.

View the TestMyHormones Return Policy

Fast is Good When it’s time to Deliver

Express Post is used at all times at TMH, and the reason is simply, that’s what people want. That means tests turn up in a couple of days usually, and more importantly, specimen samples take the fast lane to the lab.  Those samples are travelling in an Australia Post mail-sub-class designed for human biological tissue. No waiting on the tarmac allowed.

Reasons for hormonal balance testing may include:

Fitness hormone tracking

Menstrual Cycle mapping

Fertility hormone observation

Menopause onset identification and

Sleep and the Stress Response System.

So what are you waiting for, rule out hormonal imbalance today.

It’s only a few clicks away!

TMH® miscellaneous:

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