At Home Hormone Balance Testing Kits

No appointments or travel

TestMyHormones ® brings At Home Hormone Balance Testing to all Australian’s no matter where you live. Our hormone testing kits are sent Express Post and your samples returned to the lab the same way. No need to travel, and no timely and costly appointments.

At the same time we ship your Hormone Testing Test Kit via Express Post we also email you instructions which include a saliva collection video tutorial.

TestMyHormones ® hormone balance test results also include a brief individual assessment.

  • Adrenocortex Stress Profile _ Basic

    Adrenocortex Stress Profile Test Kit

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  • Cortisol Morning (CAR) Test Kit

    Cortisol Morning (CAR) Test Kit

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  • Fertility Hormone Test basic

    Fertility Hormone Test basic

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  • Melatonin O'Night Behaviour Test

    Melatonin O’Night Behaviour Test Kit

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